What is Trademark?

Trademark allows the user to safeguard their name. Trademark suggests that any image, word, name, device, numerals or combination of each, which may be portrayed diagrammatically, may be registered as the trademark. A trademark is an exclusive image that distinguishes your product or services from others.

A trademark is here to safeguard the name? of the corporate. the trademark registration in the Republic of India offers the trademark homeowners exclusive rights to their own marks and thus, they even have the proper to sue to the infringes of their emblems.

Trademark law is supposed to forestall shopper hurt as a result of it prohibits somebody nevertheless the rights owner from employing a trademark (for example, a brand’s logo) during a means that will confuse shoppers. Trademark law is to determine the supply of products or services and to protect the whole names, logos, symbols, slogans, etc.

A trademark may be a statutory protection extended to a whole used for a specific product or service. an individual gets the protection of trademark solely once he/she applies for a trademark registration. If an individual does not apply for the trademark registration, he/she aren't getting statutory protection.

A trademark may be a mark given to safeguarding a name, brand or motto. On the opposite hand, copyright may be a protection given to distinctive content sort of a book, music, videos, songs and creative content.


How to apply for Trademark?

Trademark is any visual symbol, it could be word, device, name, numerals, or labels which is used to distinguish or differentiate its goods and services form the similar category of business. The registered trademark helps the company to protect its investment in the symbol or the brand by making it an intellectual property or intangible asset.

If you provide goods and services distinctive then the trademark is registrable. If the authority finds that the similar trademark or identical trademark is being produced for the trademark registration which matches with the existing trademark then the trademark registration will be rejected. The trademark must be unique in order to get it registered. Trademarks are not registrable if it is-




Contains protected emblems

Non- distinctive etc.

Trademark Act 1999:-

In India using the trademark ACT 1999 Controller general of patents designs and trademarks, ministry of commerce and industry registers the trademark. By registering the trademark, owner gets the power to sue the company in a scenario if trademark has been copied or we can say it as when infringements of trademark occurs.

Trademark registration and renewal:-

Once the trademark is registered, company can use R symbol for 10 years. Registered trademarks are valid until 10 years. When the expiry comes, the trademark could be easily renewed by filing trademark renewal for the next 10 years of time.

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