Register your own Startup Company within 15 to 20 business days.

We know it is quite hard to open a business and start a company from scratch, Lawyerhomes started out of a small home office with 3 employees. We understand what it is like to setup a startup and complete all the legal formalities.

We wish you all the best and congratulate you if have already decided on making the big decision. It requires a lot of efforts and patience to bring the business idea to a concrete ground level, and hence sometime you might will feel snowed by your to-do list. However, need not to worry at all.

Since we have the expert in all the legal activities, we suggest you to share some burden with us. Our legal expert can handle your legal formalities like company registration, trademark, copyright, brand registration, tax filing, balance sheet preparation, website terms of use and privacy policy documentation etc.

Lawyer homes provides end-to-end service for a startup. You may choose the services you want us to offer and complete.

What you get after Company registration

  1. DSC (digital signature certificate)
  2. DIN (Director Identification number)
  3. Name reservation
  4. CIN (certificate of incorporation)
  5. MOA (Memorandum of association)
  6. AOA (Article of association)
  7. PAN (Permanent account number)
  8. TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number)

Documents required for company registration.

  1. Obtaining DSC
    1. ID Proof (Self-attested) : Copy of PAN Card
    2. Address Proof (Self Attested) : (Aadhar Card/ Copy of passport/ Driving License / Voter ID / Electricity Bill / Card Landline Bill)
  2. Obtaining DIN and CIN
    1. Four passport Size Photographs
    2. ID Proof (Self Attested) : PAN Card and (Voters ID Card/ Driving License / Passport/ Aadhar Card)
    3. Address Proof (Self attested) : Bank statement / Mobile Bill / Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill ( all not older than 2 months)
    4. 6 name suggestions for the name to be registered.
    5. Short description of your company for the main objects performed.
  3. Registered Office Address:
    1. Lease Deed/ Rent Agreement NOC from the owner.
    2. Property ownership proof (not older than 1 month) : (Utility Bill – Landline/ Water / Electricity/ Maintenance
  4. Additional info required:
    1. Information required in form as per required field.

Classification of companies

As per the company Act 103, companies can be classified into various features. Primarily companies are classified into two categories:-

  1. Private ltd company
  2. Public ltd company
  3. One person or Limited Liability Company.

These are classified based on the number of shareholder a company can have, company registered a private ltd can have maximum as 200 shareholders, wherein the public ltd company can have more than 200 shareholders listed in the stock exchange. In a limited liability company, only one person is required to form a company, which should be a citizen of India.

Private ltd company is the most popular form of company in India, which is governed by the ministry of corporate affairs, companies’ incorporation rules 2014 and the companies’ act 2013.

A minimum of 2 directors are required for the private ltd company registration, both the directors can be the shares holders here while doing the private ltd company registration. The most attractive feature of private ltd company is that the private ltd Company can rise funds.

Lawyer homes can help you to register the company; the average time taken to complete the registration is 10 to 20 working days subject to time taken by the government registration formality and client document submission. One with interest to open the company can get in touch with lawyer homes advisor to initiate the process of registration. Lawyer homes helps the registration process to happen in a smooth manner. Our advisor will educate you with the process and will give you continuous update on company registration.

Numbers of director required for registering a company.

For a private limited company registration there will be minimum of two directors required. Similarly, for public limited company, three directors are required, and for one-person company only one person is required which should be of Indian nationality.