What is a contract?

Any agreement between the two parties with a mutual understanding can be considered as contract. 

Components of a Contract:

• Offer

• Acceptance

• Mutual thought


Goals of the Contract Drafting:

The contract ought to be tired a framework which ought to be an Analytical framework.

While drafting a contract we have a tendency to should consider the foremost vital things that should be happy and build a contract fruitful.


Below square measure the points that require to be unbroken in mind while drafting a contract
1. Target Client -

Lawyer ought to initial below Who is the consumer to whom he's drafting the contract. He should see issues of the consumer, challenges the consumer faces through linguistic communication and additionally, the lawyer should understand the importance of the contract to the consumer.

2. What will our consumer hope to accomplish with this Agreement?

The lawyer should initial perceive for what the contract is being written and he should think about the interests and rights of the consumer. In alternative words, to mention the profit or gain the consumer intends to attain, or the intention of the consumer ought to be the most facet. The lawyer should shield whereas drafting the contract. Some examples wherever the consumer intends to achieve by the contract square measure to create a client relationship, purchase a land or house property, leasing a property, sterilization the terms in associate degree existing contract, merchandising a land or house property, provider relationship, joint ventures etc.

3. Information about Opposing Party-

The opposing party is that the alternative party or opposite party with whom the consumer intends to form a contract. It’s a requirement for the lawyer to understand the small print of the opposing party for drafting the contract a lot of effects, as a result of the lawyer will prepare a technique or framework to shield the interest of the consumer.

4. What's the opposing party hoping to accomplish with this agreement?

The goals or the objectives of the opposing party ought to be legendary to the client’s lawyer, as a result of to figure out a draft contract which can shield the consumer being overexcited by any obligations created by the opposing party within the contract which can result the consumer and place him below any loss or harm. And additionally on alternative half, to shield the consumer from any undue advantage or enrichment take by the opposing party through the contract. As a result of each, the parties agree on the terms is that the core issue, the opposing party could impose terms or get into a commanding position which can have an effect on the consumer.

5. What square measures the foremost important components of this relationship for each?

This square measure is known as “DEALBREAKERS”. Deal breakers square measure the terms created by each the parties for his or her own advantages and if one party objects the terms then that term or condition is a deal breaker. In alternative words, it's the sensitivity of the data within the contract, the clauses of the contract square measure therefore sensitive or delicate some discussion or arguments on them will break a contract. Deal breakers may be terms and conditions that square measure misappropriated or against the law and public policy.


 6. That terms square measure negotiable for every party?

The terms that square measure written by the parties for his or her goodness and each accept as true with the contract on all terms. However, there'll be some terms they'll be negotiated and a few alterations may be created once a discussion between the parties. For instance: one party on soft terms will raise the other party to cut back the rates or value, or in the alternative instance could invite the increase in value or rates and reciprocally he can offer some concessions or advantages. In negotiation, each of the parties gets one thing for themselves. Negotiation works as one party provide and takes one thing; one party provides and gets something.


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