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What are the factors that influences the duration and amount of alimony.


In case of a contested divorce, the alimony depend upon the tenure of the marriage. If there is a divorce after a very long period then there could be a life-long alimony. There are few more factors here depending on conditions:

a.     Age of the spouse. The age of spouse means who claims the alimony or is to receive the alimony.

b.    The economic condition who is entitled to provide the alimony.

c.    The health of both spouse is also considered. If the spouse who is claiming the alimony is not medically fit or has major medical, issue may demand for larger or is eligible to claim more alimony. Because of their failing health, they may claim larger alimony.

d.    In case if the child is minor, then the spouse who retains the custody of the child is entitled to pay lesser alimony. On the other hand, the other spouse has to pay or is entitled to pay higher amount.


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