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Ours is a small building having only one wing one staircase with only a very limited space available for kids and small children to play in the society. But we are facing a problem of street dogs who are three in number and are fed and accommodated in the society premises by a lady. These dogs are climbing on car tops bringing about scratches to the car body paint, tearing apart car covers and urinating on car covers making it very unhygienic for us to uncover the car. These dogs have developed dog fleas in their bodies which are very dangerous for tiny tots and children under 10-12 years of age who play in the society compound. On several occasions these dogs have attacked kids playing, visitors like delivery boys, courier boys and many other people like guest etc. Some of them have shown reluctance to come to our society again. These dogs even sit on water tank covered opening which supply all the residents with drinking water plus water for everyday use such water if contaminated with dogs urine will result in sickness and possible death too. Please advise us a possible solution. Thanking You in Anticipation.


Dear Sir,


This is a problem being faced by residence of extension areas of Bengaluru City. Concerned Local Authorities like BBMP/Municipality/Panchayath has to take initiative on this issue and see that the area should be free from dogs. It is better for you to file PIL and also get photographs become viral in social channels so that your Panchayath office come forward to take drastic steps. 

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