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I was working in a private limited company. One fine day while i was solving queries of my colleague, i brushed through the body of a male colleague, the aisle is congested where i work. He felt offended. I sent him a text message with a hi which he did not respond to. Then he filed a complaint of molestation against me the company's internal HR cell and the company found this against me. The company took all of the above forcibly from me on a letter. Do i stand a chance to appeal against this decision? None of the sections of molestation is against men, theyre all for female victims so i dont understand how am i guilty of any wrong doing.


Dear Madam,


The sexual abuse offences can be invoked by the women and not by men. You can prefer appeal and get a favourable finding. Further you can approach High Court and make the law clear on the issue and also get some compensation since the law is being misused by your Management. 

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