We as a lawyerhomes provide an online platform for the customers and the lawyers to interact. Customer can search the lawyer’s as per their need and area of law. On the other hand lawyer can register themselves as per their expertise and fulfilling the basic criteria of the lawyer’s registration. We ensure we provide best lawyer with expertise in their area of law.
There is no fixed charges to contact the lawyer, lawyers have their own consultation fees and one can contact or meet them by paying the required charges. Although every lawyer are free to show their consultation fees but we try to make it feasible and keep it easy to payable.

Please do not panic in such conditions as the transactions are automated by the issuing bank and the deductions will be revered by bank within 72 hours.

Lawyer homes is not a legal firm, it only provides space for lawyers and other 3rd party to come online and provide their services. Each and every service providers has to follow the lawyer homes policy if they decide to register themselves and go live.